Don’t Mess With The Babysitter

Don't Mess With The Babysitter

This clip has it ALL…Height/Size comparisons, OTK spanking, Tickling-feet, sides, legs and FULL weight chest sitting, face sitting, Thigh Smothering, games of reach, and HOM smothering………. The towering 6’3 AmazonAmanda is once again the babysitter of little Renna Ryann who is being a little brat. Renna wakes AmazonAmanda from a nap after tickling Her feet, as she takes the controller. Amanda takes her over Her knee and gives her several good spanks on her bare cheeks. Taunting Renna with the controller high over her head, watch as Renna jumps, and reaches to no avail. Followed by some AMAZING FULL WEIGHT Chest and facesitting…as AmazonAmanda teaches little Renna a lesson or two, followed by a HOM knock out to send Renna off to sleep.

Don\’t Mess With The Babysitter – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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