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Amanda & Blythe’s Mikey Meets Double Trouble

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Amanda & Blythe's Mikey Meets Double Trouble

Watch in the First Ever Video starring Blythe and AmazonAmanda as we have our way with poor little Mikey. Watch as we take turns lifting and carrying him, smothering him, facesitting, and doing incredible DOUBLE Body Slams with our Combined weight of 730 pounds onto his little body. Shot entirely at The Amazons Arena’s AmazonFest2004. This video HAS IT ALL!!!!! Smothering, Face-sitting, Body Slams, Lifts, and Comparisons with these two Massive Amazons and their little slave boy.

Amanda & Blythe\’s Mikey Meets Double Trouble – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bunny’s Shackled, Trampled, & Defeated Little Movie Star

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Bunny's Shackled, Trampled, & Defeated Little Movie Star

After seeing himself in England’s Channel 4 Special “Sexology: Attack of the Giant Women”, 5′ 7″ Alec thinks that he is the REAL star on the show, and he rushes over to Bunny’s house to brag about it. Once he gets there he soon finds out that Bunny does not take his bravado very well. She instantly takes care of her little “star” and proceeds to bind him to her stairs with her leather bondage restrants. She then Tramples and Smothers him under her sexy butt, as whips him senseless. Throughout this very intesne video, Bunny TOTALLY DOMINATEDS & ABUSES little Alec. Face-sitting, Trampling, Whipping, Human Bareback Riding, Bare Foot & High-Heel Worship, Human Furniture, Penis Trampling, and more!!! This complete video may be purchased at

Bunny\’s Shackled, Trampled, & Defeated Little Movie Star – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amazon Face Sitting Handjob

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Amazon Face Sitting Handjob

Lucky guy gets to let this enormous amazon woman sit on his face with her huge stinky ass and jack him off

Amazon Face Sitting Handjob – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bunny Glamazon In Trample Queen

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Bunny Glamazon In Trample Queen

A tiny Man chanllenges 6′ 3″ Bunny. But he soon finds out that he is no match for this Towering, Powerful Amazon Woman. Bunny is at her Dominering Best as she takes apart her new little slave. Total Domination plus Heavy Trampling, Leg Squeezing, Face Sitting and Smothering, Wrestling, Lift & Carries and Sensual Muscle, Body and Foot Worship, plus Height and Body Comparisons. This complete video may be purchased at

Bunny Glamazon In Trample Queen – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bunny’s You’ve Got Female

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Bunny's You've Got Female

Little 5′ 1″ 135 pound Jake comes by 6′ 3″ 225 pound Bunny Glamazon’s place to see just what it is like to have a session with this trememdous Amazon

Bunny decides to show him, in no uncertain terms, just how Tall, Powerful and Sensuous she can really be.

Bunny then proceeds to demonstrate to him, in no uncertain terms, just how Tall, Powerful and Sensuous she can really be. At the end of the video, Bunny explains to Jake what she feels causes her clients to enjoy each of the various Fetish areas she explores with them.

Face-sitting, Wrestling, Full Body Smothering, Pins, Lap Sitting, Lift & Carries, Muscle Worship, Foot Worship, Breast Suffocation, Height Comparisons, and of course SEXY BUNNY fill this Video completely.

Bunny\’s You\’ve Got Female – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amanda & Kitty’s Amazonfest Smother Encounter

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Amanda & Kitty's Amazonfest Smother Encounter

Ever wondered what would happen when 380+ pound 6′ 3″ Amanda and 265+ pound 6′ 1″ Kitty meet 5′ 7″ 160 pound Jack and use their combined weight of 645+ pounds on the tiny fellow. Well ask no further because at The Amazons Arena AmazonFest2003 Amanda and Kitty did meet Jack for an intense session and they proceed to show Jack just how heavy their weight can be on his frail body. Breast smothering, Face-sitting, Leg Sissors, Tall Comparisons and Tickling, are just part of what this video has to offer. See what goes on in an actual Amanda session as we see her tiny man disappear under her and Kitty’s Massive Butts, Thighs, and Calves. Just clips can be purchased at Kitty’s clips site at:

Amanda & Kitty\’s Amazonfest Smother Encounter – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amanda’s No Butts About It

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Amanda's No Butts About It

In this video Amazon Amanda at 6’3 and 380 takes on, AND DEFEATS, her largest opponent to date and she literely destroys the 6′ 1″ 240 pound “Guyster”.

Clad in her Giant Panties, Bras, Minis and Jeans. The Super Amazon Amanda shows “Guyster” just how GIGANTIC and LETHAL her Butt can become when it completely Smothers his entire head. These video clips HAVE IT ALL!!!!! Smothering, Horsey Rides, Leg Squeezes, Full Weight Face-sitting, Human Furniture, and Verbal Humilation. She even forces him to carry her MASSIVE WEIGHT around on his back.

Amanda\’s No Butts About It – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amanda’s Trapped Beneath An Amazon

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Amanda's Trapped Beneath An Amazon

Little 5′ 5″ 140 pound Nikki thinks she can out wrestle and subdue 6′ 3″ 380+ pound Super Amazon Amanda…. Well we shall see!! So in their Panties & Bras, they get involved in a “No Holds Barred” wrestling and smothering match. These video clips quickly turns into the Giantess Amanda totally dominating little Nikki. These video clips are loaded with * Wrestling & Tickling * Breast Smothering * Sexy Panties & Bras * Lifts * Full Body Smothering * Full Body Weight Smothering. * Domination & Verbal Humilation. * Face Sitting and MORE.

Amanda\’s Trapped Beneath An Amazon – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amazon Amanda Takes Control

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Amazon Amanda Takes Control

4′ 11” Sandi is on 6′ 3”, 380+ pound, Super Amazon Amanda’s, Wrestling Mat reading Amanda’s magazine. Amanda decides that she wants the magazine back, and snatches it out of tiny Sandi’s hand. When Sandi puts up a fight, Amanda decides to ”Take Control” and wrestle little Sandi into TOTAL submission. These clips are packed with Face-sitting, Leg squeezing, School-boy pins, Breast-Smothering, Piggy-back riding, Muscle Comparisons, Spanking, Tickling, and Lifting.

Amazon Amanda Takes Control – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Amanda’s Amazon Terror

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Amanda's Amazon Terror

Barndie May is back!!! In her second video with Amanda, little 5 foot 107 pound Brandie May starts making fun of SuperAmazon, 6′ 3″ 375 pound+ Amanda. Clad in her sexist string bikini, Brandie tries everything she can to subdue the lingerie clad Amanda. The fiesty Brandie even lifts and carries Amazon Amanda for a short time before the Giantess Amazon proceedes to put little Barndie in her place. This video is packed with * Body Comparisons * Butt, and Body Smothering * Lifting * Face Sitting * Wrestling * Leg Sissors * Tickling * Schoolboy pins * Body Crushing * Spanking * & Verbal and Physical Humilation!!!

Amanda\’s Amazon Terror – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]